Single Cane Aldea Rum

White rum with high purity and expression. It is a vintage rum made in each harvest with a meticulous selection of sugarcane from the native variety, White Crystal, the variety that Christopher Columbus carried out on his second trip to the island of Hispaniola in 1493, from the Canary Islands.

This variety of sugarcane, the sweetest of all, grows following the techniques of ecological culture of the European Union, in the parcel of The Camachos, a property of the family Quevedo for several decades.

This rum of high purity faithfully transmits the fresh and natural aroma of freshly cut sugarcane.

Edition less than 3,000 bottles per vintage.

Maestro Aldea Rum

It is a vintage rum made for the first time in 2011 from the 2001 vintage rum, by the fourth generation of Rum masters of the Quevedo family, backed by a century-year-old of experience growing sugarcane and making rum.

For this rum, the Rum Master decided to use only American oak barrels in their maturation process. The spirit aged and mixed with this rum has been selected from the best of the same vintage rum and later matured for a minimum of 10 years.

Its fundamental characteristics are vanilla notes, cacao, coconut, and coffee. Very tasty and fruity rum while resulting an easy to drink rum

Limited Edition less than 20,000 bottles per vintage.

Familia Aldea Rum

It is a vintage rum developed as a tribute to the re-launch of the Aldea brand on the island of La Palma in 1969, first produced in 2011 with the 1996 vintage. This rum is the result of several stages of blending and a rigorous process of maturing the rum.

For the preparation of this rum, the Quevedo family decided to use only European oak, mainly French and a selection of aged spirits of a minimum of 15 years.

Rum of great bouquet, boosting aromas of spices, balsamic notes, with more complex note such as leathers and Tobacco. It’s a perfectly balanced and very round rum.

Limited Edition less than 15,000 bottles per vintage.

Tradition Aldea Rum

Rum of high expression conceived as a tribute to the original recipe of the first Rum Master of the family Quevedo, elaborated in Gran Canaria, in 1936.

After several stages of blending through a meticulous maturation process, the barrels that compose this rum are selected. The spirit that will yield this rum, have been aged for a minimum of 20 years, in oak woods of different origins and toasting levels. Finally, this rum is repositioned for two more years, in barrels previously used for maturing red Spanish wines of Tempranillo variety. It is bottled at 43% vol. for its maximum expression.

Because of its ageing and peculiar characteristics, Ron Aldea Tradition has remarkably evolved to the category of a very old brandy. Deeply complex rum, expressed with nuances as time will dictate patience for its consumption. Once served it’s very changeable due to the oxidation effect.

Limited Edition less than 3,000 bottles per batch.



White Aldea Rum

White Rum. Retains the essence and aroma of freshly cut sugar cane that has grown and ripens slowly in the sun. In the mouth it is slightly vegetable, fresh and modern, keeping a perfect balance between Jamaican or Martinique rums; a crossroad between heavy rum style and the refined and light white Latin Rums. Ideal for a mixed drink or to be enjoyed as a single drink on the rocks.

Mojitos, Caipiriñas and Daiquiris prepared with this rum are especially tasty.

Aged Aldea Rum

Blend of aged rums between one and three years, which, after maturation in new white American oak barrels, acquire an elegant finish, resulting slightly fruity and woody, while combining to perfection, the essence of sugar cane with vanilla and coconut. Rum with added complexity on your glass, but still taping on freshness, so characteristic of Ron Aldea rums.

Perfect in the classic Cuba Libre cocktail, brown mojito and Tiki cocktails.

Aged 8 Barrels Aldea Rum

After a careful selection of up to 8 years aged rum from 8 of our best barrels, we elaborate an exquisite blend that will complete their ageing for an additional period of 8 months in American white oak barrels, previously used for ageing red wines. This strike 8 rum result modern with a much lighter aroma and flavour while sealing the palate with a mellow and fruity touch.

Designed as an introduction to the complex world of smells and tastes of rum, it is ideal for any type of cocktail or be enjoyed solo on ice.



Aldea Honey Rum

Our tasty white rum, mixed with honey from the La Palma island beekeeping. Soft, easy drinking and very floral. A modern vision of the traditional and world-famous Canary Ronmiel.

Ideal as an appetizer and digestive. Refreshing in a long drink, solo on ice or with a little soda. Try it with pastries.

Punch au Rhum Aldea Caramel

Our tasty white rum, mixed with natural extract of caramel and sweetened with the natural honey of sugar cane. Light rum indulged with sweetness. An evolution of the classic caramel liqueur, with a surprising tofu twists.

Ideal as an appetizer and digestive. Refreshing in a long drink, solo on ice or with a little soda. Try it with pastries.

Punch au Rhum Aldea Banana

Our tasty white rum, mixed with another of the jewels of the Island of La Palma, the banana. Tasty and fruity. An original Elixir of Canarian traditions and roots.

Ideal as an appetizer and digestive. Refreshing in a long drink, solo on ice or with a little soda. Try it with pastries.